VP, Treasury Management


Business Address: 3033 W Ray Rd Chandler, AZ 85226

Founded: 2003


Who are your best referral partners? CPA’s, Merchant Services, Business Coach/Consultants, Payroll Reps, Marketing Companies

What is your favorite part of your business? My favorite part about Alliance Bank is our Entrepreneurial spirit. We are empowered to discover new verticals and products to assist our client. We are managed through incentives rather than punishments. It’s a very refreshing environment and our clients can see the difference!

What makes your business different from your competition? What separates Alliance from our competition is that we are large enough to assist Fortune 500 clients, but we have all of our decision makers just down the hall for fast and informed decisions!

What is your “unicorn” customer? Marketing Company serving $20,000,000+ revenue clients that is looking for a mutually beneficial referral relationship.

What non-profits do you support? Boys and Girls Club, Higher Octave Healing, The Centers for Habilitation

Hobbies? ASU Football, Fishing, Camping, Water Skiing, Racquetball, Swimming and playing with my kids.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why? Ability to Fly! Nothing trumps flying!

Last concert you went to? Flogging Molly

Who’s your idol?  Why? Mark Cuban – He started from nothing and built his American Dream. Took risks, learned from his failures and never quit.

Favorite movie? Why? Braveheart – I think it parallels hardships in today’s world, but during a time them the avenues for dealing with those struggles were vastly different. It’s a dynamic combination of a love story, comradery and sacrifice.

Favorite band, musician or musical style? Samba, because it makes my young children dance uncontrollably!