We are a dedicated group of businesses that believe that the foundation of business development starts with collaboration and giving back.  We are more than just a networking group – we are a peer-to-peer business development group.  We lead the charge with high level education, relationship building, mastermind opportunities and more.

Where most chambers and networking groups engagement stops is after the business cards have been handed out and the next salesman has made his pitch.  We are the anti-networking business develop group focusing on relationships not just leads.


To provide its character driven, ethical, positive and energetic members with business development opportunities and nonprofit sponsorships through the strength of IGNITE’s close interpersonal community of its members.


Core to the foundation of IGNITE is character. The organization will operate with the philosophy that character is what creates great leadership and opportunity. Character, as it relates to IGNITE, is always doing the right thing whether people are watching or not.


  1. Provide business opportunities you may not see outside your industry.
  2. Provide top notch, relevant and highly effective education provided by IGNITE  members.
  3. Provide networking opportunities with your fellow members.
  4. Provide you with the opportunity to give back to your fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders and the community through our nonprofit mentorship program.
  5. Provide you with powerful connections and referral partners.
  6. Provide greater social interaction through IGNITE’s bi-annual social events, IGNITE quarterly Day of Giving and other IGNITE events throughout the year.
  7. Encourage participation in business growth Power Teams.
  1. You will not miss more than two meetings per quarter or your membership opens.
  2. It is expected that you will use every effort to be at the social and community events.
  3. You will bring a positive attitude.
  4. You will assist your fellow IGNITE members in their business needs.
  5. You will keep all conversations inside of the IGNITE conference room confidential.
  6. You will participate in the nonprofit mentoring and giving component of IGNITE.
  7. You will treat all your fellow IGNITE members with respect and will value their input and time.
  8. Meet with a fellow IGNITE member socially or for business two times a month.
  9. An average monthly commitment of 5 hours towards the meetings, IGNITION Program, social events and other IGNITE events.
  1. Give back to the entrepreneurial community through our knowledge and time.
  2. Donate time and monies to nonprofits affecting children, women, Veterans, the homeless and other communities in need throughout Metro Phoenix.
  3. Provide a platform for growth of businesses of all sizes and verticals.


  • A person that leads with character
  • A person that believes that it is more important to serve others before self
  • A person committed to self improvement
  • A person that understands the value of giving back to the community
  • A person that is empathetic, caring and supportive
  • A person that is looking to innovate and be disruptive
  • A person that places family over work and understands the importance of work/life balance
  • A person willing to be transparent, vulnerable and willing to be open to new ideas
  • A person that takes personal accountability and admits to mistakes
  • A person that is not ego driven


  • A place where deeper interpersonal connections are made
  • Where you put the service of others above yourself
  • Where empathy, caring and support are fundamental
  • Where the community comes before the individual
  • Where all members are equal regardless of finances, organizational size, number of connections, etc.
  • Where accountability is a must
  • A place where mistakes are made and growth begins
  • Where commitments are always fulfilled by saying what we are going to do and doing what we say
  • Where self improvement is key to the growth of the member and the organization
  • Where feedback is welcomed
  • Where health, wellness and work/life balance is promoted
  • A place where we are 100% present in everything we do
  • Disruptive and innovative, exploring all possibilities
  • A family where we protect and serve each other
  • A safe environment to test concepts, ideas and possibilities
  • A place where relationships come before leads
  • A place of non-judgement
  • A place to stretch your knowledge and skills
  • A place of positivity