Normalization Adjustments are Essential in Valuation

 Fine-tuning financial statements helps a business valuation expert compare the subject company’s performance to the financial performance of similar public or private companies. This article explains normalization adjustments for 1) unusual and nonrecurring items, 2) nonoperating assets, 3) related-party transactions, and 4) accounting norms.

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Will My Real “Network” Please Stand Up.

In the end, my search to understand this thing called networking brought me to a point at which I never would have seen – developing a peer-to-peer business development and networking group called IGNITE. Below are some of the networking tips I’ve learned over the past 12 years and I hope they serve you well and lessen your networking learning curve:

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Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Your Client?

Since the concept of “collaborative divorce” was introduced in the 1990s, it’s been gaining momentum as a creative, cost-effective alternative to the traditionally adversarial divorce process. This article provides an overview of collaborative divorce, including how it works, advantages, potential pitfalls — and the role of the financial expert.

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4 Tips for Effective Real Estate Marketing

Want to be a successful realtor? It is all about how you market yourself. In today’s marketing world there are so many outlets and tools that can be utilized for selling real estate. Even the wording or phrasing you use can have an impact on your future clients. Check out these tips for becoming an expert real estate agent marketer!

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6 Things You Must Do in the Next 6 Months to Avoid Not Reaching Your Potential

Potential is a powerful word which resonates with possibility, optimism, and hope.  On the flip side of the coin, unfulfilled potential is its polar opposite counterpart. Unachieved potential implies pessimism, unrealized promises, and dashed dreams. How confident are you in what you are doing NOW to avoid not living up to your potential? The good news is that your potential doesn’t have to lie forgotten in the cemetery of buried treasures.

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How to Start a Real Estate Blog

Blogs are big right now. They are a way to provide useful information about your business and keep people engaged. As a real estate agent, it’s important to keep clients and leads informed about the real estate industry and what you’re up to. So you’re likely asking yourself as a realtor, how do I start a blog?

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Just Say No – 5 Steps to Taking Back Your Power

As parents, we have countless memorable moments with our children. For me, two specific memories stand out as epic in my mind; the day my babies were born and their 2nd birthday. Those of you who don’t have kids may be wondering about the significance of birthday #2. Let me explain. Somehow, almost like clockwork, when kids turn two, those tiny humans expand their vocabulary to include their new favorite word: NO. Oh, and by the way, it’s on repeat for the next few years.

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