How Valuation Expertise Strengthens Buy-Sell Agreements

A solid buy-sell agreement can help closely held businesses avoid disruptions when a shareholder leaves the business. This article explains critical business valuation issues to address when drafting or reviewing a buy-sell, including the appropriate valuation method, level and standard of value, and valuation date.

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A Shift In Mindset

It was two days after I was asked to present on legacy to the Arizona Suns Charities 88 annual review event that I sat in the car with my dad. I’ve presented on legacy to non-profits and small business groups over the past three years and held a strong belief in what legacy meant to me. I believed that a person’s legacy is the greatest measure of how they affected the world; but, my view of legacy was about to be questioned.

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4 Qualities to Elevate Your Confidence and Radiate Executive Presence

Growing up as an only child did not prepare me for the dynamics of parenting multiple children. Sibling bantering was alive and well in our household on a daily basis. As a young mom, I remember my oldest son Jordan constantly doing what he did best – unmercifully teasing his younger sister Heather. He wasn’t belittling or bullying her; he was doing what siblings do; he was trying to get her goat.

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Creating Accountability in Achieving Financial Goals

Setting goals is a demanding task for anyone. It takes a concentrated effort, deep reflection and persistence. Yet setting goals without creating accountability, more often times than not, results in failure. How can you create the proper structure for accountability when setting financial goals?

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How to Find the Right Financial Advisor For You

The role of a financial advisor has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. In fact we were not even called financial advisors; we were called “stock brokers.” Since financial advising ran in my family’s blood, when I was a kid people asked me “what’s your dad do?” All I knew is as a young boy was that he helped people with their money. Now that I’m a partner with my father, I realized that the stock brokers of the past were order takers. Their specialty was purchasing stocks so they could make commissions. It was a business model that didn’t take into account the client.

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What A 20 Year Old GCU Student Taught Me About Legacy

If you know me, you know I’m all about building a legacy. Not for self respect or for ego. No, I’m for building a legacy that gives others opportunities greater than I had.
I reflect regularly on what I want to leave behind for others. My greatest hero, my dad, taught me that whenever you meet someone – in passing, close friends, family, the waitress, everyone – you should leave a little bit of the goodness of your soul behind with them. I realize as I get older that the little bit of soul you leave behind is part of your legacy – a part that builds your legacy and the the legacy of the person you touched. I also realize that you can leave behind the goodness part of your soul or part of your baggage and that the choice of what you leave behind is yours to make.

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Valuing “Blue Sky”

Goodwill is an indefinite-lived intangible asset. It comes into play in various business valuation assignments. This article discusses what goodwill is and the role it plays in divorce and financial reporting. A sidebar highlights the differences between personal and business goodwill.

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The Character Conundrum

n business it’s rare to discuss character. It’s not tangible. It holds no cash value. It plays no part in budgetary meetings. It’s not bantered around at board meetings when discussing clients and suppliers. It’s not sexy like “scaling” the business. It’s not looked for in job interviews. It’s just not there – anymore. Character used to be a foundation of business. It’s the reason business was done with a handshake and not a twenty page operating agreement. Being a native Texan, it’s the reason Texans wanted to know you and your family before doing business with you. Character used to be a reigning principle of business.

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