At IGNITE we pride ourselves on giving back to our community. Through our IGNITION Nonprofit Mentorship Program, our members donate their time and expertise to mentor a group of hand selected nonprofits that focus on children, battered women, Veterans, homelessness and the education for the working poor.

Where most organizations say they are donating time (only to give an hour here or there) in order to brag to the business community – we are different.  We could care less about bragging rights, we want to help launch/propel nonprofits that are self sustaining, impactful and engaging with and for the community. The IGNITION program was developed to delve deep into the nonprofits we serve.  It is IGNITE’s goal to provide assistance, support and guidance to develop sustainable and noteworthy processes, systems and relationships for the nonprofits we serve.

Our program is unique in that each nonprofit spends three months working with one set of mentors and then rotates to another set of mentors for another three months.  There are a total of four rotations in one year of the mentorship.  Yes, an entire year.  Each IGNITE member has dedicated themselves to providing the IGNITION nonprofits with 2 hours of their time per month. At the end of the year, a nonprofit will have in excess of 72 hours invested into their organization from the IGNITE membership.

Each nonprofit selected by the IGNITION committee will also have a complimentary membership to IGNITE during their year mentorship.  This means that a representative from the IGNITION nonprofits can join the IGNITE membership at all the IGNITE meetings, happy hours, fundraisers, etc. at no cost to the nonprofit other than the lunch/breakfast cost.

Here’s how the IGNITION Nonprofit Mentorship Program can assist a nonprofit:

  • Understanding your mission
  • Story development
  • Writing your business plan
  • Verbal / nonverbal communication of your story
  • Mindmapping and your mission
  • Pitch development
  • Internal team development (culture awareness)
  • Building an external network for sponsors
  • Finances and your nonprofit
  • Developing fundraiser techniques
  • Marketing 101
  • First things first (time tracking and task management)
  • Online valuable resources
  • Social media development for your nonprofit
  • The donor comes first connection
  • How to choose and develop an active Board


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