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Glenn Mire



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Mire Images,LLC

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Marketing – Photo & Video Production

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Commercial Photography

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Marketing firms; website companies; videographers; event planners;

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Working with people to make them look amazing and feel spectacular, and learning the new technology.

Non-Profits Supported

Starbright Foundation (sex-trafficking recovery); Harvest Compassion Center(food and clothing bank)

Personal Motto

You can have either the things you say you want; or the reasons why not. Choose

If You Could Have One Superpower What Would It Be?

Time Travel: What REALLY happened to the dinosaurs? Famous figures in history.


Travel, video, target shooting, motorcycles, wood working, talking with people, listening to people share, skilled (reasonable in computers), troubleshooting,

Favorite Movie

Sci-Fi, Westerns, Fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter), Romance. Lots of Favs for the suspense, variety, entertainment. Sometimes action, sometimes mystery, sometimes romance.

Favorite Band, Musician, Musical Style

Fleetwood Mac; Melanie; Billy Idol; Prince; Rock

Glenn Mire

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Mire Images,LLC