IGNITE Development Group is always looking for character driven entrepreneurs interested in creating new IGNITE Chapters.

At IGNITE we don’t lock you down to super strict guidelines – we aren’t a franchise that is led by a ton of rules. No, we are a group of entrepreneurs looking to better the peer-to-peer business development experience. From valued character based relationships to education and giving back to our community – each IGNITE Chapter is integral to growing a foundation of strength in the small business community.

If you are interested in starting an IGNITE Chapter, we have a streamlined process to partner with you in creating a dynamic Chapter.

Here are some of the benefits of starting an IGNITE Chapter:

  1. As a character driven organization you get to pick you Members.
  2. We don’t penalize you for not having a certain number of Members – we are character quality of quantity.
  3. We work with your Chapter to help you grow it and define its personality – each Chapter has its own personality and we love that!
  4. We provide the speakers for your Chapter. But, we are always looking for new speakers so please let us know who is making waves in your business.
  5. IGNITE sponsors bi-annual happy hours where all the IGNITE Chapters meet over a few drinks, food and good company to build even stronger business and personal connections.
  6. You will lead the charge with your Chapter’s IGNITION Program profoundly affecting a young non-profit in your community. It get’s even better – we provide you with all the tools of the Lean Canvas to ensure your Members can guide a non-profit to new heights (Oh yeah – Lean Canvas is also amazing for your own business too).
  7. IGNITE sponsors a quarterly IGNITE Day of Giving where all the IGNITE community gives back to a worthwhile cause all while building our interpersonal relationships and team building.
  8. We are here for you. Unlike the franchise based “networking groups” that have a strict structure, we are open and listen for new and innovative ways to grow our entrepreneurial Member’s businesses.
  9. Education through resources and tools. IGNITE supplies all your Members with amazing online learning tools, links to amazing business books, podcast links to help you in your business and personal growth and much more.