At IGNITE we think different. When most think leads, we think relationships. When most think volume, we think quality. When most think quick, we think “done right.”

Our thinking as Members of IGNITE is what makes us unique. We pride ourselves on being open minded and “moldable” to new ideas and concepts. We relish in the idea of taking our new concepts and implementing them inside our businesses to reach our goals faster and more efficiently.

After years of trying to perfect IGNITE, we found three tenets we live by: Character, Education, Community

This is why IGNITE was developed with the focus of character of the individual in mind. When you bring small groups of character driven and motivated individuals together for a purpose of improving themselves, their businesses and the community at large amazing opportunities arise and wonderful outcomes are created.

We bring top notch speakers that deliver real world executable ideas to each of our groups. We utilize mastermind round tables to open discussion on needs within our businesses and we use this forum as a safety net where we help each other grow inside and outside our businesses. We leverage all our knowledge to give back to our community through our IGNITION Program – profoundly affecting the community where our businesses reside.

When asked what differentiates IGNITE from the plethora of other “networking” groups it’s easy – our Members. Our Members are our strength and the backbone of IGNITE. Without our Member’s character, integrity and motivation IGNITE doesn’t work. So when we have to explain our “value proposition” it’s simple – putting character driven entrepreneurs together to develop a stronger business community while leveraging the massive character and knowledge of each IGNITE group to profoundly affect our community through our non-profit participation and mentoring.